Bibleway materials were written awhile back by an International Mission Board missionary named Tom Small.   I am not positive, but I believe Tom is retired now.    He lived and served in the same Eastern Central Africa region where the IMFC is working today.   Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Rwanda.   He wrote the materials to be used in a correspondence type training, and that is exactly how we use them today, with only a few minor changes made over the last few years.    By the way, we do have the copyright licenses to reproduce these materials.   And reproduce we do - current monthly printing is for 120,000 books per month.   

Our process of discipleship using these books is relatively simple.   Our key leaders disciple leaders who reside in their regions.    Then their leaders disciple other leaders and so on and so on.    In their discipleship they use the simple printed material we call Bibleway, and it is the leader's responsibility to get the materials to and from those that he disciples.   Currently there are 85,000 people being discipled in this manner.      

After the disciples finish a book, they return a test booklet that is included in the book to their leader.   The leader then sends it to one of several centrally located IMFC grading centers, where it is graded and then returned to those leaders with book number two, then three, then four. . .

There are two drawbacks to using a correspondence method of discipleship:

1) It is not easily reproducible without a certain amount of resources.   
2) There are many who are illiterate.    

But we decided on this correspondence method in spite of those two drawbacks for these reasons:

1) Not everyone who gathers is illiterate.   There are many who can read at least some, and many who are good readers.   
2) People in Uganda value education, but education here is expensive.   Using this material is at the very least some sort of education.   They even receive certificates of completion, which they treasure and keep for years.   This is important for self esteem.   It is important for legitimacy in the eyes of their friends, relatives and neighbors when they begin discipling them.   
3) It is something that they can go back to when they have doubts or confusion or need an answer to one of life's myriad of problems.
4) We don't know if the end of time is near.   It sure seems like it, so we are going to advance the Gospel as quickly as we possibly can, and currently this is the method that we have found works the fastest with the best results.  

Currently these are the books that we use in our discipleship ministry:

Who is Jesus?
Basic Bible Teachings
God's Wonderful Plan
A Responsible Christian
The Life of Paul
Christian Marriage and Family Life
Old Testament Prophets
Ten Rules for Living
The Truth about Spritual Warfare (Books 1 - 3)


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