5 Actions Required To Produce A Discipleship Making Movement

(Producing Disciples Who Produce Producing Disciples) Matthew 9:35-10:1



1. ConnectGet on the inside.   John 1:14.   Jesus became human and lived among us.   He got on the inside. 

2. Be Live the life of a disciple.  Be in life what they must become.   Jesus lived the life of a disciple.  He was the obedient servant/son.   Please note Jesus' own baptism was an act of obedience. 

3. Love Actively love the people.  Jesus loved the people and helped them.  He met some of their needs. 

4. Share Communicate the message clearly.  Jesus preached, taught, told stories and talked to the people. He had a message. There was truth to tell and he used every possible means to help people understand what the message was. 

5. TrainTrain faithful people. Jesus called out a few to be closer to him to learn his heart and lead the movement beyond him.  The truth of the matter is that Jesus did not spend much of His time with those who would not follow.   Pew sitters He did not want.

These five things embody the message and person of Jesus Christ.   When we actively pursue them within a community of people we are following His command to go and reach!