A team member making disciples!

Discipleship Making Movement

We Develop Disciples who make disciples. 
It's simple really what we do.    It goes like this:

1) Come to know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior as a disciple, and realize that we as disciples are commanded to now disciple others.  

2) Find people and share Jesus with them.   

a. Tell them how we came to know Jesus. 
b. Tell them the story of Nicodemus.


3) Ask them three questions about the story of Nicodemus.

a. What did the story SAY?
b. What did I learn from the story that must OBEY?
c. Who should I TELL what I have now learned?

4) Give them the plan of salvation using a simple method.  We use a simple finger method.  Others use the Roman Road or the Evangecube.    

5) Ask them if they too would like to follow Jesus.

6) Help them ask Jesus to forgive their sins.  

7) Enroll them into a deeper discipleship.  We at IMFC use Bibleway materials - which are free to them.     

The leader in their community is an unpaid believer who helps disciple them with the Bibleway materials.   This leader is not seminary trained.   He simply came to know Jesus through the method outlined above, and he became a serious man - who knows he has a message to share.

Do you have a message to share?   Do you know how to disciple others?

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For more information please call or write to Jimmy Barry or Steve DuVall