Mission trips with the IMFC are led by either Jimmy Barry, one of the co-founders of the IMFC, or by Steve DuVall, a former missionary to Central America and a recent addition to the team.    Both Jimmy and Steve are scheduling mission teams for 2018/19 right now.   There is still room in the schedule for you and your group.    

Our guys with the IMFC need you and your team.   You help us get the Gospel out quickly and your testimony is a major impact upon our people.   When they ask you why you are walking in the slum where they live - and you answer because Jesus sent me here to give you this life changing message for free would you like to hear it?    They will stop what they are doing and listen.   While you are sharing they will consider just how far you have come, and you are not there collecting money from them.   You simply have this message, and will offer them a free discipleship book.    

Here are some of the things that you may partcipate in while you are on YOUR missionary journey serving those in East Central Africa:

  • Share your testimony.
  • Share the story of Nicodemus.
  • Participate in the Manna Food Distribution ministry.
  • Share your testimony and the story of Nicodemus with prison guards as part of their national training inside their training facility.
  • Share your testimony and the story of Nicodemus with prisoners inside Ugandan prisons.
  • Pray with people.
  • Pray for people.
  • Lead people to Christ.
  • Work hands-on with refugees direct from the war torn Southern Sudan.
  • Encourage new believers in their discipleship and walk of faith.
  • Encourage our national missionaries in their ministries and walk of faith.

From our years of experience leading mission teams in foreign cultures this is what we are sure will happen to you as you travel your missionary journey:
  • Stretch your comfort zone.
  • Understand everything from a different world view.
  • Fall in love with people who live very different from you and are very much unlike you.
  • Discover that believers are a family - no matter the color of skin, the language they speak or the songs they sing.
  • Learn to share your own testimony quickly and easily.
  • Learn to share Bible stories quickly, smoothly and easily.
  • Expand your faith horizon.  
  • Learn to trust in God more.
  • You may just see Jesus work a miracle. 
  • You'll see new things, experience new things, and you may even eat some things that you can't pronounce nor are you sure about what it is.   
  • You'll 

Pastors and churches can expect the returning volunteer missionaries to:
  • Be able to share their faith better.
  • Are more likely to share their faith with others.
  • Help mentor and disciple new believers.
  • Are less likely to be worried about the minor details and goings on in their own church.
One pastor said to Jimmy Barry, "Your mission experience is the best discipleship program I have in my church."

Another pastor sends all of his newest staff members to Uganda with us when he brings them on board.